pewarisan sdn bhd

Innovative Islamic Fintech Company

About Us

Pewarisan Sdn Bhd is a Fintech company providing Shariah-compliant solutions. We began with the development of an Islamic Inheritance Planning Solution

Our Progress

After making a positive impact in the inheritance industry, we are now forging ahead to build the Masjid Network, providing an innovative solution to the community


Within 3 years, we achieved several major milestones, including winning multiple hackathons, accelerator programs, and securing funding from three venture capital companies.

Masjid Network – An Online Community for Mosques in Malaysia

We currently have more than 6,000 mosques listed and aim to reach 600,000 members in our first year. Member’s registration opened in February 2024

Our aim is to serve as the catalyst for the digital technology transformation in religious, social, and economic activities.

We have been awarded the Digital Catalyst Grant by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for this project

Alya – Our AI-powered Chatbot

Our Aim is to make AI technology accessible to the masses through WhatsApp.
You can ask Alya any questions and she will answer with the help of AI. Give it a try.

Islamic Inheritance Planning

We developed a comprehensive online system for Islamic Inheritance Planning such as Faraid Calculator, Inheritance Documents (wasiat/hibah) and Estate Management

Collaborate with Us

We are looking for partners to develop and deliver innovative syariah-compliant products and services. Use Masjid Network to showcase and promote your solutions

Inheritance Planning System as an Effective Lead Generator

We can develop a customized Inheritance Planning System for your organization, which can serve as an effective lead generator. Utilize hyper-personalization based on the user’s profile to upsell your products and services

Suitable for banks, insurance/takaful companies, government agencies, and other large organizations

pewarisan sdn bhd

About Us

Pewarisan Sdn Bhd was set-up in 2020 to make it easy for muslim to learn and prepare their inheritance documents. We eventually evolve as an Islamic Fintech company, providing syariah-compliant solutions.

Pewarisan Sdn Bhd prioritizes integrity, transparency, inclusivity, innovation, social responsibility, and collaboration. It upholds Shariah principles in financial transactions, ensures accessibility, develops innovative solutions, promotes community welfare, and fosters partnerships for mutual growth.